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Bargain Hunting for Weed

Bargain Hunting for Weed, CBD Medical Journal

Bargain Hunting for Marijuana

According to MJ Charts, industry analysts who track the consumer price indexes for marijuana flower across the U.S., Oregon bears a unique distinction when it comes to the cost its residents pay for marijuana. Oregon residents pay some of the highest and lowest prices for marijuana in the country..

Bargain Hunting for Weed, CBD Medical JournalArtisanal marijuana flower, such as ‘Organic’ Dogwalker OG from the Alberta Green House, or Durban Poison from Oregon’s Finest – will run Portland residents about $20/g (that’s $567/oz). Yet, frugal consumers can also hunt down pot bargains and pay is little as $3/g (just $85/oz) for the weekly special at the Progressive Collective  (this week its Bubba Kush). Folks in Salem can grab  Quantum Kush at Salem’s Club Pitbull dispensary for the same $3/g.

In California, the prices are generally more uniform, with residents (on average) paying between $11/g and $15/g for marijuana. Canna-Tsu (an excellent high-CBD strain) will cost you $11/g at The Goddess Delivers in San Diego. Ancient OG will run about $15/g.

In Colorado, bargain shoppers can find House Salad for $8/g at The Herbal Cure in Denver; but customers will pay almost double – $15/g, for Banana Kush at Kind Love.

Bargain Hunting for Weed, CBD Medical Journal

The wholesale price for marijuana also varies greatly from state to state. The contradiction between Federal and State law creates isolated markets.  This creates a cross-border regulatory arbitrage, which equates to higher business costs, retail prices and much greater volatility for both business owners and consumers.

In California, wholesale cannabis prices average $1,700/lb. In Colorado, the wholesale price currently stands at $1,200/lb. But in Nevada, a pound of wholesale marijuana will set you back $2,300/lb! Prices should begin stabilize in the coming years, as markets mature and the industry develops as a whole.

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Data sources: Cannabis Benchmarks | MJ Charts

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