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NEJM Medical Study: CBD has been found effective in reducing seizures in young children with severe, drug-resistant forms of epilepsy. Over a 14 week trial, 120 patients where given either a placebo or a 20 mg does of cannabidiol (CBD). Those that received CBD during the trial, reported a 50% drop in the number of weekly seizures. The median average number of seizures dropped from 12.4 to 5.9 per week.

Moreover, 5% of patients saw total remission – 0 seizures!

Among those that received CBD, 5% stopped having seizures altogether. Consider this: there is currently no FDA-approved treatment for Dravet syndrome. None. And now CBD has the potential to become the first and only medicine found effective to treat a form of epilepsy so severe that it kills 1 in 5 by age 20.

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