Marijuana Use Linked to Healthier BMI & Blood Pressure

Marijuana Use Linked to Healthier BMI & Blood Pressure, CBD Medical Journal

Breaking Science Report | Marijuana linked to lowered BMI and BP

Two new medical studies recently published, add to the growing body of evidence that marijuana can be a sensible part of a active, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.

CBD lowers Blood Pressure

The first study, published just this month in JCI Insight – a respected non-profit, peer-reviewed biomedical journal, demonstrated that consuming just a single dose of cannabidiol (CBD) safely lowered one’s resting blood pressure. In this double-blind study, 9 health men were administered 600 mg of CBD or a placebo (randomized). Those participants that received CBD, saw on average a 6 point drop in their resting blood pressure! And that’s not all, CBD also diminished the raise in blood pressure associated with various stresses – all the while maintaining normal cardiac output.Marijuana Use Linked to Healthier BMI & Blood Pressure, CBD Medical Journal

Heavy Marijuana Use Correlates with Healthier BMI

In the second study, published this past March in the Archives of Osteoporosis, researches  at the Oregon Health and Science University concluded that heavy marijuana users (defined as 5 times per month) correlated with a lower, healthier Body Mass Index (BMI). Researchers also revelaed that regular marijuana users are generally more physically active than those that use less marijuana or abstain completely.

Researchers have observed this connection before. Published last year in the Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, researchers discovered that daily marijuana users had, on average, a 3% lower BMI than non marijuana users. The women fared a bit better than men in this study. Women averaged 3.1% lowerBMI, while men had an average 2.7% lowered BMI.

The Consequences of a high BMI

Your BMI is derived by dividing your body mass by the square of your height. It is a rough gauge of the amount of muscle, fat and bone tissue in an individual that places them in a category as either underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

A lower BMI is generally healthier. BMI ranges that place adults in the overweight or obese categories, predict that those individuals are at an increased risk of: heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, breast and colon cancer, and much more.

It turns out that marijuana might just be an “enabler” after all – just not in the sense that its naysayers initially believed. Regular Marijuana enables a healthy, active lifestyle by promoting a lower BMI and a lower resting blood pressure.

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