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Medical Marijuana Price Index and Laws | An Interactive Map

Medical Marijuana Price Index and Laws | An Interactive Map

Welcome to the exclusive CBD Medical Journal interactive map detailing average marijuana prices (as of March 2020) across the nation.

And that’s not all… Click on any state in the map below – to learn if the state allows recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, or CBD-specific medical marijuana. You can also click on the legend to show only certain categories (mj price ranges, states with recreational mj, states with medical mj, etc.).

Curious which state offers the least expensive marijuana?

Drum roll please… Our very own state of Oregon offers the best price for marijuana (on average) anywhere in the nation!

State Medical Marijuana Laws

You can also drill down into a state’s medical marijuana laws by clicking on the link “Details from NORML” embedded at the top of each state call-out box.


For example, just click on the purple square located inside the state of Oregon in the map below. A pop up window will open and display average marijuana price along with details on the legality of marijuana in that state. If you experience any difficulties, try disabling any pop-up / ad-block extensions.


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