Recreational Marijuana – These FIVE States will Likely Legalize by 2018

Recreational Marijuana – These FIVE States will Likely Legalize by 2018, CBD Medical Journal

The Next FIVE States Likely to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Before November, 2016 – only about 5% of the country’s population lived in a state with legal recreational marijuana. After the 2016 election, another four states joined the ranks – raising the percentage of U.S. citizens with access to recreational marijuana fourfold, to 20%. That means that 1 in 5 Americans now live in a state where voters have decided to legalize recreational cannabis.

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Canned Cannabis? | High-Grade Medical Marijuana in a Can

Canned Cannabis has arrived!

Most marijuana-savvy consumers know that fresh, potent, high-grade marijuana found in your local medical or recreational dispensary is wonderfully pungent and sticky – packed with natural and medically powerful cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. But did you know that unlike other perishable commodities, marijuana actually loses weight and potency while it sits on the shelf?


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