Wisconsin expands access to Cannabis

Wisconsin expands access to Cannabis, CBD Medical Journal

2017 Wisconsin Act 4 – Possession of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Wisconsin inched a bit closer to real medical marijuana legislation earlier this year, when it passed a bill that legalized the possession of CBD oil. The new legislation, signed into law by Governor Scott Walker last April, allows for the possession of cannabidiol – a marijuana extract used to ameliorate a myriad of diseases and disorders.

The new legislation (Senate Bill 10) builds on an earlier bill that allowed for the use/possession of CBD exclusively for the treatment of a seizure disorder. The current legislation, which went into effect on April 19, 2017 expands the applicable medical conditions from just epilepsy – to any medical condition deemed appropriate by your physician. Unfortunately, you will still need a physician’s letter of recommendation (renewed annually) in your possession to comply with the new law.

The new legislation also allows for an approved pharmacy or physician to dispense CBD. The CBD dispensed must be non-psychoactive (contain less than ~0.3% THC), and the pharmacy or physician must be approved by the Controlled Substances Board.

U.S. Senate: The Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act of 2017

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